Choosing Between Liquid Limestone and Exposed Aggregate


It could be the time of the year when you need make home improvements. This a fun and exciting time because you get to give your home a much needed “face lift” and you can try a lot of new things that you always wanted to before.

One very important element in home improvements is flooring. This often gets to be the most depreciated since a lot of weight is being put on them. They are probably the most heavily used part of every home. Choosing flooring for your home could be lots of fun however. You get decide on your preference and also will be able to choose between durability and functionality.

One of the most popular flooring available in the market is liquid limestone. Application is usually done on site together with the concrete as this dries easily. Usually before the liquid limestone is sealed, it is thoroughly cleaned as to allow no gaps where weeds can later on grow on. Once the liquid limestone is sealed, maintenance will be low all year round as you don’t have to do a lot to keep it beautiful. Any dirt and grime can easily wash off. Liquid limestone also has a non-slip quality that makes it perfect for wet areas. That’s why pools and even driveways use liquid limestone as to keep people from slipping when it is wet. Liquid limestone is a popular choice for flooring because of this quality and its ability to stay cool all throughout the day.

Exposed aggregate on the other hand has a lot of texture and color because the aggregates are exposed. Instead of a smooth, even finish, there is a lot of texture and color that makes it visually very appealing. Once the exposed aggregate is sealed, the entire look will be just beautiful. It also is very durable and can withstand extreme conditions. It is also skid resistant which makes it perfect for gardens and yards.

When you choose between liquid limestone and exposed aggregate, you can never make a wrong choice. Both are great for household use and can help beautify and improve your house.

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