Artificial Turf Cleaning Tips

Synthetic turf is generally stain-resistant, making stains quite easy to remove and clean. How regularly you may need to clean depends on a number of factors, among them being whether you have kids and/or pets. With careful and regular cleaning, you can have your artificial turf looking great for a very long time. Synthetic turf is great addition to any home renovation project.

Stains from spills

Time is of the essence when it comes cleaning stains from spills as it is much easier to remove stains when they are still in the liquid state. Whether from tea, sauce, milk, coffee, or any other common spill, the quicker you attend to cleaning it the better.

Most of these common spills can be easily removed by soaking or wiping away with a wet cloth. For the more persistent and stubborn stains, a solution of mild detergent and vinegar in hot water does the trick.

You may require mineral spirits for oil marks, paint and ink stains.


Removing chewing gum, candy and other sticky material

You can remove chewing gum and other sticky substances with your hand or scrape it off carefully with a blunt knife or an equally dull object to avoid damaging the synthetic turf.

Removal is much easier and more effective if you freeze the gum. Using dry ice or any other commercial refrigerant, you can chill the gum and then remove it completely with the dull object.


Pet waste

Synthetic grass is pet-friendly and safe for pets. Pet droppings, especially after it has dried up can simply be picked up with a bag or scooper as you would with natural grass. For pet urine and any odor left after picking the waste, you should run a mild solution of detergent. If the odor persists, use a half-and-half mixture of vinegar and water before hosing off the turf.


Removing Bacteria

You may never to have to worry too much about bacteria if you regularly clean your artificial turf. To cover all your bases, though, you should use a half-vinegar, half-water mixture which effectively removes any potential building up of bacterial spores in the lawn. This is particularly beneficial around the area where your pet(s) love relieving themselves.


Cleaning Turf Regions with High Traffic

There may be regions on your artificial turf that are subject to higher traffic compared to others. This calls for special attention during cleaning. Choose a brush that will not cause damage to the lawn. A synthetic-bristle brush is a great alternative to a metal or wire-bristle brush and you can brush the turf as often as you may wish to.

It is also particularly beneficial to brush against the grain in high traffic areas. This is because the high traffic tends to flatten the fabric, which leads to an unpleasant “matted” appearance. Brushing against the grain helps to fluff the fibers helping your turf to remain sturdy and looking as new as when it was first installed.

Perth Artificial Grass stands out as an industry leader and our dedication to providing quality easy-care synthetic turf means that you can spend less time worrying about cleaning as you spend more time enjoying your artificial turf.


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