All You Need To Know About Artificial Grass Products

Many years of experience have enabled Metro Synthetic Turf Perth discover the highest quality of artificial lawns best suited for Australian climate. Our artificial grass lawns are designed to withstand toxins and heavy metals what’s more; they are covered by a comprehensive warranty to ensure an absolute peace of mind for you. Installing synthetic grass comes with numerous advantages furthermore, we can assist you choose the most suitable lawn for your budget and needs. We are locally Perth based. Our team of highly-trained and skilled gardeners, landscapers and installers fully understands our customers’ requirements, so the satisfaction of your needs is guaranteed. We are proud to be among Australia’s top suppliers of commercial, residential, and recreational turfs. We offer a large selection of grasses for you to choose from. We manage both large and special offers. Below are some of our products and services:


Our putting greens are some of the best for any golfing pro or homeowner. We specialize in building and designing customized greens from one to an 18 hole course. A combination of high quality professional services and affordable prices for the installation of your putting green is what you get from Metro Synthetic Turf. Outdoor green putting, indoor green putting, backyard green putting and rooftop green putting are among the varieties of putting that we design and install for you. The amazing performance of our artificial golf practice greens is the result of vast designing and testing with the aim of taking your short game to the next level. We are also willing to work with you on designing a customized putting green that is perfect for your backyard thereby offering you a convenient way to improve your short game. We’ve performed over 3,000 installations of putting green and all our artificial grass is CSIRO tested.


Our Buffalo grass is suitable for high traffic areas due to its ultra-realistic feature and the four color tone. This premium artificial grass exhibits a bright green color and a tan thatch. The beautiful color scheme coupled with the tall construction of a buffalo makes the product quite appealing. This product which is quite tall performs well in areas of moderate traffic landscape.



• STITCHES 18,900


• DTEX 15,000

• ROLL WIDTH 3.75M X 25M



The Sunset artificial lawn is quite stunning with its muted shine and a four color tone finish. Its slightly imperfect appearance replicates natural grass. This synthetic grass has a four-tone monofilament structure made of lime green and field green colors. Its yellow thatch goes almost to the top of the fibers making it look like a natural lawn during summer. This product has the ability to make your property look attractive at an affordable price.


• Resilient and realistic

• V-Blade

• 30mm

• ROLL WIDTH 3.75M X 25M





• STITCHES 18,900 M2

• DTEX 13,000

• STITCHES 18,900 M2


Metro Synthetic Turf supplies a wide variety of DIY Installation Kits designed to fit into your choice of synthetic grass. Installing a DIY kit will save you the time you spend mowing and edging your lawn. We supply everything you require in order to install your grass from sand to U pins.

Other products on offer:

West Coast 35mm

This is a very outstanding quality and natural looking best-seller that has the ability to endure the toughest conditions. It is made of a c-shape fiber shape and an attractive long thatch technology. This product is best applied for landscaping.

Tundra 35mm

This is by far our hardest wearing product with the ability to endure the traffic on account of its V blade construction.

Matilda 35mm

This is a high yarn combination that takes into account great durability. It is also soft underfoot.


This product features among our highest yarn count grasses. It has the great rebound memory due to its c blade technology which is suitable for pet and high traffic zones.

California Series

This product has the natural grass look and feel. Its good blade memory is suitable for high traffic zones.

Garden Edging

Our wide range of garden edging suits all kinds of applications. The simple system which is made of zinc coated steel has ground stakes and joiners to construct a continuous straight edge. You could also opt for the corner profile to give you a perfect 90 degree corner.

Power Broom

We offer a power broom for brushing synthetic grass for hire to all our customers. This broom offers a professional finish.


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